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Child Development Stages Infographic

July 31, 2016 / no comments, on PARENTING BLOGS

Child Development Stages Infographic

An Infographic on various child development stages, from infant to preschooler based on feeding, physical, language, social skills and their achievements.

Child Development Stages Infographic


Child Development Stages Infographic Baby


Child Development Stages Infographic Toddler


Child Development Stages Infographic Preschooler


Child Development Stages – Baby

Feeding – Able to drink from a cup.

Physical – Sit without support.
Walks while holding on to other support.
Rolls over by themselves.
Pulls up them self to a standing position.

Language – Babbles.
Says mama and dada, using them appropriately.
Understands the word “NO” and will stop activity in response.

Social – Displays a friendly smile.

Achievements – Gets the first tooth.

Child Development Stages – Toddler

Feeding – Able to feed self neatly, with minimal spills.

Physical – Able to draw a line.
Able to run, pivot, and walk backward.
Begins pedaling tricycle.
Can kick a ball without losing their balance.
Can pick up objects while standing, without losing balance.

Language – Able to say the first and last name.
Imitates speech of others, “echoes” word back.
They develop a vocabulary of several hundred words.
Speaks in sentences of three words.

Social – Learns to share toys.
Learns to take turns while playing with other kids.
Acts out social encounter through play activities.
Becomes less afraid when separated.

Achievements – Masters Walking.
Dresses up with only a little bit of help.
Recognizes and labels & colors.
Recognizes differences between genders.
Knows own name, age, and gender.
Develops an improved vision (20/30).
All 20 primary teeth have usually erupted.

Child Development Stages – Preschooler

Feeding – Feeds self easily.

Physical – Can name pictures of objects and point to body parts.
Able to draw a circle, square and stick figures with features for people.
Able to skip, Balances better, begin to ride a bicycle.
Catches a bounced ball.
Enjoys doing most things independently, without help.

Language – Starts school, Speaks in sentences of 5 or more words.
Begins to recognize written words, reading skills start.
Enjoys rhymes and wordplay.
They develop a vocabulary of more than 2,000 words.

Social – Has a group of friends.
Likes to imagine and pretend while playing.

Achievements – Understands size concepts.
Understands time concepts.
Begin to ask deeper questions.
Can answer “why” questions.
Becomes more responsible and uses “I’m sorry” for apologizing.
They develop improved math skills.
Shows more skill with simple tools.

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Child Development Stages Infographic
Article Name
Child Development Stages Infographic
An Infographic on various child development stages, from infant to preschooler based on feeding, physical, language, social skills and their achievements.
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