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Preserve Creative Free Play in Childhood!

October 9, 2016 / no comments, on PARENTING BLOGS

Preserve Creative Free Play in Childhood!

The creative free play is the work of a child in which they are preparing themselves for adult roles and society as a whole. Parents today are so focused on getting their child into successful monetarily and educationally that they have forgotten the physical and social-emotional domain. Which of course had led to obesity and bullying. Toys are the tools for the future, and children play with them in an unstructured manner to create and actively engaged in their physical environment.

Benefits of Creative Free Play

Creative Free Play contributes to a healthy self-image. Through play, children learn to communicate and co-operate. They learn to exercise their brain by imagining, creating, researching and formulating ideas. Children get to discover, explore and challenge the physical world through creative free plays.

Helps children construct knowledge they will use for the rest of their lives. It presents the children with an opportunity to discover and explore the world. Gives children the tools they will need to become life-long learners. Promotes the healthy socio-economical development, which helps future academic performance.

Creative Free Play Helps Children Develop:

Gross and fine motor skills – Creative Free Play teaches them muscle coordination and body control. It helps them to develop the small muscles in their hands.
Cognitive skills – Creative Free Play Promotes healthy brain development and helps them in learning problem-solving skills. It also gives them a richer vocabulary and high intellectual capacity.
Social skills – Role playing helps children develop empathy and understanding. Through creative free play, children learn how to cooperate and work with others.
Emotional skills – Unstructured play helps children develop self-regulation skills, social knowledge, and self-confidence.

Lack of Creative Free Play could lead to:

Poor social skills.
Poor coping strategies when confronting stress.
Social maladjustment.
Decreased curiosity and creativity.
Reduced ability to discover new things.

Preserve Creative Free Play in Childhood!

Children aren’t just playing; they are learning the life skills they will need to be successful. Don’t let the free play be taken away from our children.

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Preserve Creative Free Play in Childhood!
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Preserve Creative Free Play in Childhood!
Preserve Creative Free Play in Childhood! Children aren't just playing; they are learning the life skills they will need to be successful.
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