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Why These 7 Crossover SUVs are the Best Family Cars in 2017

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Why These 7 Crossover SUVs are the Best Family Cars in 2017

Sedans are no longer considered as the best family car. That title now goes to crossover SUVs and minivans.

Despite this being the case, many new car buyers still get confused about these terms. A lot could be (and already has been) written about the differences between the different types of cars.

Right now, we’re just going to give you the basics of what crossover SUVs are before we talk about why these 7 crossover SUVs are the best family cars of 2017 so far.

What Is A Crossover SUV Exactly?

A crossover SUV is the new minivan. For those who don’t know, a minivan is basically a square shaped car with comfortable seating for passengers. An SUV is similar to a minivan, but it’s designed more for off-road travel, whereas a minivan is usually built for more passengers.

For a long time the SUV carried a better stigma than the minivan. However, SUVs eventually became so widely used as well as demonized that the name had to be re-branded into “crossover SUVs”, presumably because they’ve since “crossed over” from the negative associations that they had before.

Perhaps thanks to this re-branding, the crossover SUV has become the bestselling car type in America.

However, it’s not fair to give re-branding all of the credit – the crossover SUV definitely has some extra cool perks.

There’s a wide range of choices for crossover SUVs that makes them even more popular.

  • small and sporty, or
  • as spacious as trucks
  • all wheel drive (AWD) available for all crossover SUVs
  • comfortable for day-to-day driving.

Now that you know what these cars are all about, here’s our top 7 crossover SUVs for 2017 and why they’re the best family cars.

  1. The Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is our number one pick for the best crossover SUV in 2017. It has also been praised by many other car review websites.

It’s not surprising why it has received so much praise. It’s almost undoubtedly the best minivan in its class; it has the roominess of a minivan with all the bonuses of a crossover SUV.

The Sienna continues to edge out the competition thanks to its numerous safety features and comfort factors. It’s also the only minivan currently available that has AWD.


  • simple operation
  • excellent reliability
  • powerful
  • high resale value
  • Factory installed hardware for people with mobility issues.
  • all wheel drive


  • initial cost is higher
  • there are cheaper options
  • Competition like the brand-new Chrysler Pacifica has some tempting features.
  1. Honda CR-V

None of its individual features stand out that much in particular. However, as a whole the Honda CR-V still has a lot to offer.


  • Incredible interior space and versatility.
  • Plenty of backseat space
  • Unique flip and foldable rear seat provides extra cargo space
  • Good for buyers who want the most space for the smallest exterior size.
  • Very high fuel economy at a relatively low price.


  • lower power
  • glitchy touchscreen
  • potentially uncomfortable driving seat
  1. Subaru Outback


  • versatile
  • family friendly
  • high quality features
  • lots of space
  • comfortable
  • safer
  • can handle any weather


  • Larger proportions are emphasized over agility with this car.
  1. Honda Pilot

If you’re looking for the best three-row family crossover, then you’ve found the right car.


  • more space than most of the competition
  • family friendly 3rd row
  • good cargo capacity
  • driving is balanced between comfort and control
  • v6 engine creates strong acceleration
  • fuel economy is excellent


  • Currently no government crash rating given.
  1. Mazda CX-9

If you’re ready to transition from a cute Sedan to a family crossover, then this car will definitely help catch you on the rebound.


  • three rows of seats
  • lots of cargo space
  • family friendly educational entertainment
  • technology to keep passengers safer
  • cabin design more like a car than a minivan


  • not as utilitarian as most of the competition.
  1. Acura RDX

For those who love a relatively lavish car, be sure to check out the Acura RDX.


  • functional
  • family friendly
  • well put together
  • very reliable
  • More passenger and cargo room than most of the competition.
  • More features giving you more bang for your buck.


  • small crossover
  1. Volvo XC90


  • sleek and stylish
  • Scandinavian style interior
  • super comfortable front seats
  • near-flawless safety credentials
  • well balanced riding and handling
  • three engine options, including:
  • the turbocharged four-cylinder (T5)
  • the plug-in hybrid (T8)
  • the turbo and super charged four-cylinder (T6)

Of the 3 engine options, the T6 seems like the best option. It has an excellent combination of power, fuel efficiency and affordability.


  • Big 21 and 22 inch wheels

If you didn’t find your dream car in this list, don’t give up your search! There are still plenty of other car brands that deserve your attention. Many websites such as this one will show you even more options for large family cars.

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