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Authoritative Parenting

Last updated on December 10th, 2017 at 06:01 pm

Parenting Styles

Today we are discussing Authoritative Parenting, this will be the first one in our list of different Parenting Styles. Every parent belongs to a particular style of parenting. Most of us are not even aware of the different parenting styles. We are just playing along according to the situation demands. Its good to have some details about the parenting styles and their outcome so as to fine tune our attitude towards parenting. Without further due lets begin exploring the topic.

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting are very much common in the middle class society. Even though demanding, parents are tend to more responsive towards their child’s emotional needs. This is one of the most successful parenting style of all times. Children raised are more likely to become independent, well behaved and successful individuals. Parent expects maturity and cooperation from their kids and acts as a support factor when it comes to their needs.

Distinct Styles

Authoritative parents generally assist their young children to get ideal situation to fix problems. But they seldom allow to get away with a bad behavior. Authoritative parenting promotes individuality in the children but stands firm when it comes to disciplines. Parents do expect the children to behave more responsibly and show maturity. They tend to resolve the misbehavior with reasoning, and encourage more effective communications. Parents show much more warmth while dealing with their children. Authoritative parenting helps in creating children who definitely are self-sufficient in addition to self-reliant.

Parents are less likely to be suppressing their kids emotions. Its a fine balance between the freedom and the responsibilities of the children. Very much importance is given for the communications between parents and children. The children are allowed to express their own views and opinions. They encourage the children’s view point and opinions, even though they differ from parents opinions. Parents are less judgmental, they do allow the children to explain the situations before getting into conclusions.


More attachment between the parent and the children. Children tend to become better learners and problem solvers and good in their academics. Encouraging independence and individuality allows the kids to be less influenced by their surroundings. The authoritative parenting approach is consistently associated with superior outcomes.
These features results the child to become more independent, successful, emphatic, kind hearted and helpful to fellow beings.

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Authoritative Parenting
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Authoritative Parenting
Authoritative Parenting style promotes individuality in the children but stands firm when it comes to disciplines.It is one of the most successful approach.
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