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Building Confidence in Your Child

Last updated on August 22nd, 2016 at 02:51 pm

Building Confidence in Your Child

Children develop their confidence based of their achievements. Praising means more to the children when it is associated with a specific effort. Building self-confidence can begin very early. Confident children are eager to learn new skills and face new challenges. We just needs to be helpful and supportive of their efforts. Encouraging their talents will make them feel more valuable to the family. Below are some tips and suggestions in building confidence in your child.

Build Trust and Assigning Responsibility

Trust, safety and love are the most important things to a happy family life. Building trust is in a way related to leadership. Try never to send any wrong message through your actions. Be honest with your promises to your child. You have to be consistent with your actions as well, do not change the set rules constantly. Always appreciate the honesty of your child, this will help in building a trusted relationship. Apart from building confidence of your child, this will help them to become a person of integrity.
Assign some routine tasks to your child, be how small it is. Let your child to be independent in handling tasks assigned to them. Children learn basic life skills through repetition of household routines, be clear in the routine structures. Let the child do the thinking work when it comes to setting up routines. Do not just resort to giving orders. Allow your child to participate in community activities that interest them.

Compliments and Rewards

Always remember to compliment your children’s achievements. That will help in motivating and building confidence of the child. Compliments should be genuine, specific and always focus on the development. Focusing on the development in the sense give more importance to how hard they are trying, not on how good they really are. Always remember to Compliment the quality of a child’s work, contributions to the family, more importantly their obedience and respect.
When we praise our children, it make them happy and acts as a morale booster. Give them a little hug along with rewards to make it special. Giving them a bedtime story/outside activities/toy/sweets/games of their choice is the best way. But we have to make sure that we are not overpraising. Overpraising have the adverse effect on building confidence in your child. Always try to avoid hard cash as compliments.

Accepting Failures Graciously

We have to act as our child’s guide not their savior. Children develop their problem solving skills through failures. Motivate them to try harder next time, this is how kids learn about patience and the feeling of pride in their accomplishments. Give as much praise for their efforts as you do for a winning situation. You have to make them understand that winning is not the only thing, then only they will learn from their mistakes and not be afraid to try again.

Family Bonding

Family bonding is the most important aspect of building confidence in your child. These activities can be quick and simple, most of the time they do not require leaving home. Family fun activities can be arts and crafts, going out to a movie, or staying in and playing games together. Even having dinner together without any distractions improves the communication between the members. Kids actively spending time with parents tend to have less behavioral problems and tend to get better grades.

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Building Confidence in Your Child
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Building Confidence in Your Child
Always appreciate the honesty of your child, apart from building confidence of your child, this will help them to become a person of integrity.
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