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Developing Social Emotional Intelligence in Children

Last updated on December 10th, 2017 at 05:32 pm

Social Emotional Intelligence is crucial for lifelong success. Be it in academics, social skills, relationships, work and almost every aspect of life. These are skills we can start to cultivate in children at a young age through practice and inquiry. Skills like empathy can be taught through creative writing or reading first person narratives. The more emotionally intelligent people are, the easier they tend to find social situations as well as making and keeping friends, which are proven factors to bolstering mental health and emotional well-being.

Social Emotional Intelligence

Social Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important things in our society right now. In the world where general intelligence and education are increasingly common, and more and more people are getting their college and university diplomas and degrees. Your emotional intelligence is what sets you apart for Success in life and the workplace.

Even well-renowned educational programs like medical school are also shifting this way. They are basing their admissions largely on an interview, as well as references and Experience, with marks taking up a much smaller part of the process. You can be the most intelligent person, but without social emotional intelligence, you may still not succeed and flourish in your field if people don’t want to work with you.

Importance of Social Emotional Intelligence

One of the main ideas for developing social emotional intelligence is to make sure you ask your kids a lot of questions. This allows for more choices in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they can consider these things as they are occurring. This sense of safety means that children are spending more of their developmental energy learning to feel hard feeling rather than being confused about what is going on and feeling out of control. Help them build their understanding and reasoning for how and why they think and act in certain ways.

Developing Social Emotional Intelligence

Varda Meyers Epstein is a writer and parenting expert at Kars4Kids, says fostering Social Emotional Intelligence in children helps them better absorb information, rules, and lessons. It is because children with high SEI-Q’s find it easier to resolve conflicts with their peers or siblings. They are quick to see what’s bothering others and can empathize with another person’s feelings.

1. Code Switching

A teacher who wants to develop Social Emotional Intelligence in his or her students will want to initiate a discussion on code-switching. Code-switching is adapting to the social codes of new situations. A good example is a student who finds a cute cat meme to share on social media while doing homework at home. The student stops her research long enough to share the cat meme.

The teacher might then ask the students what would happen if the student were doing the same research in the classroom during school hours. The correct answer is that the student would find the same cat meme, but wait until after school to share it. The thing that has changed is the setting. What you do at home, you don’t do at school. Sending the cat meme during school hours would be inappropriate.

A student who breaks the code and sends the cat meme may find it confusing to receive a reprimand for doing something that is perfectly acceptable in a different setting. Discussing hypothetical situations such as this one in the classroom can help raise the level of the students’ social emotional intelligence/awareness.

2. Conflict Resolution

Teachers can pair off students and give them possible conflicts to resolve. Students will have to seek the solution while showing respect for others’ feelings. They need to adapt to the unfamiliar situations which may require compromise.

Parents can do these same exercises with their children, at home.


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Developing  Social Emotional Intelligence in Children
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Developing Social Emotional Intelligence in Children
Social Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important things in our society right now, it sets you apart for Success in life and the workplace.
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