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Developmental Summer Activities for Children

Summertime is also traditionally family time, and it is imperative that parents plan both fun & educational activities with their children, spending as much time as possible with them before the school year. In addition to one on one time, parents are encouraged to enroll their kids in additional developmental summer activities for children. This includes sports teams, summer camps, volunteering, and internships, expanding their minds, spirits and understanding of the world and all its wonders.

Developmental Summer Activities for Children

Summer break has always been a vacation time from school. However, it is not a holiday time from chores both inside and outside of the house. Insisting that tasks completed before any and all other activities build their character and understanding of the concept Earning Your Stripes. Also, those children with responsibilities given at a young age, tend to be more mature and humble, while their mannerisms become distinct based on respect.

Summertime seems to be the peak season, with kids sharing their daily activities with the world. This will leave little, if any, time for old fashioned family time. As the summer months reaches to an end, it’s prudent to set limits on the daily social media usage. Ideally replacing that time with family bonding, summer reading or physical fitness activities.

Developmental Summer Activities for Children – Goodwill Activities

Recommend that families incorporate kindness activities into their summer plans. Research suggests that if we want our children to be successful, goodwill activities should be a significant part of every child’s early life lessons. Raise funds for your favorite charity.

Developmental Summer Activities for Children – Reading Programs

Summer reading programs encourage children to read during the summer to avoid the dreaded summer slide. Children can lose three months of reading gains over the summer months. Public libraries offer special programming during the summer like story times. Children are often invited to keep a reading log to earn prizes.

Reading or being read to daily introduces children to speech, language and literacy skills that will set them up for future success. Reading during the summer allows children to select books they find interesting. When children read books or subjects of interest, then they are more likely to continue reading.

Developmental Summer Activities for Children – Martial Arts Classes

Martial Arts is widely recognized as one of the most useful activities for Children. It develops their discipline, flexibility, endurance, and helps to fight ADHD. During this camp, children will learn basics of Martial Arts as well as participate in anti-bullying and self-defense sessions. Bullying and peer pressure are one of the most challenging issues for a majority of parents, so these camps are a good solution for them. The camp program also includes various games and character building activities, which are useful for the successful children development.

Developmental Summer Activities for Children

You can take advantage of sports classes, and activities offered by different local organizations in your community. Below listed are a few of them.

  • Swimming lessons.
  • Art Center Youth programs and Classes.
  • Museum youth programs.
  • Planetarium youth Programs.
  • Dance or Gymnastic classes.
  • Team Building Activities.
  • Music lessons.
  • Cooking or baking classes.
  • Community theater youth programs.
  • Your child will learn about our natural environment, and will learn to be a steward of that environment.
  • You can help children adopt or foster a pet or plant a garden.
  • You can take educational day trips with your kid.

Even, you can coordinate many of the above activities on your own.

Developmental Summer Activities – Trampolines

Trampolines can provide regulating movement to children of many developmental stages. To add additional benefit, parents can clap and count to ten. Having child jump in sync to the clapping to help them gain the ability to follow parent’s structure and rhythm. They can then be praised for listening and following so well and given the opportunity to be the clapping leader while parent jumps. Numeracy skills can also be practiced if the child elects to count with the parent by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, etc.

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This summer, we are teaching and reinforcing the value of money and saving. They each have a savings account, and we are teaching them how to earn money by completing small tasks. Making beds and cleaning up their playroom is a given. Each child created a list of tasks or accomplishments and weekly schedule. Some of the items on my six-year-olds list are helping clean up the kitchen after meals (wipe the table, clean dishes, sweep the floor, wash dishes) and working with the younger sibling on reading BOB books.

The plan is to take them to the bank and deposit earned money into their account so they can learn this process. This inspired my six-year-old so much that he start asking me questions about budgeting and finances. We are also joining our local library’s summer reading program and visiting a homeless shelter to volunteer.

StephanieCoffin from Bellies Babies and Beyond, have a summer curriculum on their site, find it here

What NOT to do this Summer!

While our story is focused on developmentally appropriate summer activities for kids, author, and parenting expert Julia Cook wants to help teach kids what NOT to do this summer. They should put down the game controller for a LIFE controller! Video game addiction is on the rise, but it can be prevented. Video gaming is becoming a part of our culture, and we must be strategic in creating a healthy gaming balance. Video games may be fun, but it’s important to remember that it’s just a game. Her creative storybook teaches both kids and adults how to switch out their game controller for a “life controller”. Help him or her to learn ways to enjoy games without letting them overtake all the other beautiful, fun things to do. Especially getting outside and enjoying nature and the sunshine!

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Developmental Summer Activities

Developmental Summer Activities for Children
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Developmental Summer Activities for Children
Developmental summer activities for children includes sports teams, summer camps, volunteering, internships and understanding the world and all its wonders.
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