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Football Manager Blackburn Story Part 2 – Videos

Last updated on December 10th, 2017 at 05:50 pm

Football Manager Blackburn Story

Welcome to the next Episode of FM2016 Blackburn Story. Continuing on the past episode, team has been playing well as a group. The Midfielders are really the back born for my tactic, and they done really well scoring 7.5 – 9 on most of the occasions. Think I can manage this season without spending much (only free transfers for me) and hoping to make some funds by moving some players and cutting back salaries as well.

Blackburn Story Part 2 – Videos

Football Manager 2016 Story Blackburn Episode 5 Letsplay, Tactics and Goals – “GLORY !”

Complete details are mentioned on the first Episode, link added.

Football Manager 2016 Blackburn Story Episode 2 Letsplay, Tactics and Goals – “Team Cohesion Pays !

Couple of injury scare were there though, but the replacements welcome the call and played well. There were crybabies within the team and raising questions for the first team places even a team meeting were arranged to settle the team, saying that they have to earn the spots for a first team entry and the unsettled ones were transfer listed and loaned out. I just don’t want to unsettle the team right now with too many shuffling and new faces.
Same as other FM games, am giving them a “high” training regime all the time for the season, but for the pre-season it was “very high”. In between the matches I got a break for 10 days between the matches which I used of the fitness one which eventually paid off against the very next match with the Villains were played 120 min+ penalty but my players are fit for the next match after 4 days.
Tactics used were the 4-1-2-2-1 (control) most of the times, but I created a 4-2-3-1 for defensive purpose. Planning to use this when my team is on the firing lane and matches were I want to waste some time to defend a slender lead. About the matches played around this episode, just loved the team when they were pitted against a bigger opponent Aston Villa and survived them with fighting spirit till the full time with 3-3 and went on to have the shootout victory (4-5). Against Hull as well, boys played really good for a 2-0 victory. Worst performance was against the Derby, but still survived it with a drab draw (0), and had to give them a tough time on my pep talks after the match.

Season’s expectations were to reach the Capital One Cup 3rd round, we managed to reach the quarterfinals and am hoping to get through the same. Now we are the leaders in the Skybet CH, and am sure we will manage a promotion this year itself. Short time goals are to make some money once the transfer window opens and cant even think of getting big names to the team but hopefully it will change soon.

Football Manager 2016 Blackburn Story Episode 3 Let’splay, Tactics and Goals – ” Thank You Rhodes !”

In this episode, more importance to given on the finance side. When the transfer window opened we received an inquiry for Rhodes, so I put a real high value for him, Don’t want to let go off him that easily, he is the fan favorite not mine though ☻. To my surprise they accepted the offer, and we acknowledged. Even Rhodes was happy about the transfer, he will get play in EPL and for us its a welcome funds. Even the complaint raised for his sale was tackled in a pep talk.
Regarding the matches, we are playing really well lately. So now I have been pressurized by the key players for a place in first team. Its good but sometimes you really don’t know whom to select. Yeah, its good to be a FM manager these times.
Budget is adjusted to bring Lawrence in, hopefully. No tough matches were there this episode, but the next match is Capital One Semi, and the very same week FA Cup 3rd round is to be played. It will be tough days ahead, hope to carry on the good run…!

Football Manager 2016 Blackburn Story Episode 4 Letsplay, Tactics and Goals -“draws, Draws but still Invincible !”

Continuing from the previous episode, we managed to reach the finals of Capital One Cup and the fourth round of FA Cup. We are still holding onto the first place in the league, but the schedules are very hectic and not very pleasing for us. First time in the season, we failed to score in a match but managed to get a draw which affected the fans big time. Moreover they are not so happy with leaving Rhodes, even though couple of promising signings were done past week.
With matches coming thick and fast we hope to maintain the lead and am sure will manage a promotion this season itself. A cup win will be a dream come true, FA Cup is a narrow one but Capital One we have a real chance of winning the cup. Keeping the hopes alive.

Football Manager 2016 Blackburn Story Episode 5 Letsplay, Tactics and Goals – “GLORY !”

Dream run continues, we were able to take our unbeaten run to 6 more games. More importantly we won the Capital Cup, with a spirited display against Tottenham.

Seems everything is back in order now. Guys are playing well, not much injury scare, even the board and fans are happy with the performance. Reaching the FA cup 5th round is also an achievement considering the clubs stature.

Tactics wise, nothing needed to be changed now. Even the mid game pep talk can also be avoided. Guys are in good spirit, no complains, good to be a manager now.
Just asked the board for a new contract, they accepted with some reluctance (huh). Even though the results are awesome board is showing attitude lol.
Football Manager Blackburn Story to be continued…

Football Manager Blackburn Story Part 2 - Videos
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Football Manager Blackburn Story Part 2 - Videos
Thanks to the certain tactics and some tough decisions made throughout the season, this FM16 Blackburn Story looks promising.
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