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Football Manager Story Blackburn Episode

Last updated on August 22nd, 2016 at 02:53 pm

Football Manager Story Blackburn Episode


For past couple of days I was not really happy with the things going on my life, seemed need for some changes. I discussed this with couple of my friends and I got some really “good” suggestions as well. One of them was ” why can’t you start a YouTube channel or a blog? you can spend time with yourself and its engaging as well, and if it works you can earn also”. This made me think of creating a YouTube Channel and uploading some videos and watching if anyone really interested in my videos.

Now almost a week passed since I created the channel and am getting some views (mediocre though not much to brag about) the thought of a blog also came up. So giving it a try and I know that it wont be a walk in the park, after my college days this will be the longest essays am writing apart from the management reports (yes, I do have a full time job and working in one MNC), anyways think its worth giving a try. Never know if am good at doing this, if I am good I might continue writing if not still do some more to perfect myself, taking this as a challenge.

Football Manager

I thought about what to write as my first blog, have a lot subjects but I wanted to write about something that I love doing. So the idea of a blog about FM Series came up and since I already started playing the new edition #FM16, I took this as my topic for my very first blog.

I have been a fan of strategy games since my teen days, and when i found this FM series it was kind of love at first sight thing. Loved playing a Civilization and FM the most because both needs some research and home work and its not your regular shooting game.

Football Manager 2016

My favorite in FM series was the #FM12, even now sometimes I send time with it, its kind of a “one more match” to be precise “one more season” thing for me. I have been waiting for the release of #FM16, to get my hands on the same. Since some really cool features such as the “create club/player” modes and “manager on touchline” have caught my eye. I downloaded the demo at first, and played one season and I was quite impressed.

So I downloaded the full version couple of weeks back and started playing the new game with a Skybet Championship club called Blackburn Rovers. Rest of the blog will feature the challenges faced and the tactics applied through out the season and will linking this with the Football Manager story I started in Youtube. I will be explaining in details about the YouTube story episodes and more detailed report on the tactics as well.

1st Season Preview

Started the career as the “unemployed mode”, and have 2 offers to consider. First one was from club named Cambridge and the other was Blackburn Rovers. So I decided to select the Blackburn to manage because of the better facilities they have and for a start up job it looked good. Joined the club on 5th July 2015 as the Manager role, and a meeting with the board, staff were arranged.

Club is not really in the perfect condition, they are a mid-table team. But the stadium and training facilities were in mint condition. They have a national reputation and a really good history (started in 1875) as well. The major issues will be financial condition, and the transfer embargo that i will face with buying valued players. Still I think I can manage with couple of good free transfers and some good tactics to survive this season. Hoping to get a promotion this season itself to the Premier League, and to build my career thereon.

Board didn’t allowed any transfer budget for me so i will not be able to buy in any valued players. But I can make some transfer budget with the players i sold (10% of the transfer revenue to be precise). Basically my aim to get some good free transfers which suits the tactic in my mind and a team which have full confidence in me and performs as per the confidence that I show to them.

Before that I decided to cut down the expenditure on the coaching staff, since we have been spending too much on the support staff which we cant afford this time for a mid table team. So i removed 9 average guys from the coaching staff and I brought in 5 good coaching staff to replace them. I removed 7 out of 8 scouts as well, since i cant buy in players so I really don’t need them at this moment, and bring 3 good scouts to the team. Even I wanted to remove the Head Scout and Head of Fitness as well, but since their compensation amount was a bit too much on the higher side so I decided to keep them for this season.

Even before the season has started, I have a biggest headache of having my best player injured for couple of months. From the transfer window I got 1 Defensive Midfielder (DM) and a Striker as free transfers, and i let go off the best goal keeper in team (am not crazy, the under 21 guy looked more promising than him), 2 Defenders (DC) and 3 Midfielders (MC)  to make some transfer budget. I sent 11 guys to other team as loan transfers as well to have some relief with the budgets. So I have a transfer budget of USD 580, 000 and am spending USD 2 M less than the budgeted salaries.


I am a believer in 4-1-2-2-1 (control), which did me wonders in #FM12 and #FM14. The best position I consider in this team is the DM (defensive Midfielder), he is the anchor man of this team both in attack and defense. This position always gets a rating of 8+ or a 9 because of the passes and the tackles he makes. I am not comfortable with more than one striker in my team, the one am having is always be a poacher.

Tactics in Detail

Am not planning to give specific instructions for the players as such, will evaluate the performance and if its needed then i will proceed. But as off now only general instructions for the team and each positions.

Mentality – Control

Higher Tempo

Fairly Rare with Time Wasting

Fairly Wide Width (for the wingers to come into play)

Slightly Deep Offside Trap (can afford going a bit deeper, no WBs am having IWBs)

Closing Down – More Often

Tight Marking and Get Stuck in (chances of getting booked are there, will work on it later)

Exploit the Flanks

Pass into Space (for the buildup)

Look for Overlap

Work ball into Space

Shoot on Sight – Never (work it towards goal, don’t want to mess the chances unless desperate)

Dribble Less – Keeping it Simple

Stick to Positions

Team Positions

2 IWBs (Inverted Wing Backs)

RPM – DM – Roaming Playmaker

Instructions added for more direct passing and moving into channels.

2 Wingers

Enganche and Advanced Play Maker at AMC postions.

And Last but not least my Lonely Poacher


Season had not yet started, so I will keep my training on “Very High” regime. More importance will be given to team cohesion and tactics, since its a new setup for the team and they have to get accustomed to it before the season starts. Am sure the guys will be complaining for the tough training routine but it will eventually paid off at the end of the season.

Team Meeting and Captaincy

A small team meeting had arranged and have selected Jordan Rhodes as the captain of the team (he is the best player in the team and with leadership traits).  Small motivational speech is given to the teams and they look set to start the dream run (hopefully !).

Now the basics are set, will start the friendlies within next couple of days. This is it for the pilot, rest will be updated on Episode basis. Will be covering 10-12 matches per Episode, well that’s the plan though.

Football Manager Story Blackburn Episode
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Football Manager Story Blackburn Episode
Football Manager Story Blackburn Episode Newest edition of my all time favorite game, Football Manager 2016, first season preview 
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