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How to Make Them Listen

Last updated on August 22nd, 2016 at 02:52 pm

How to Make Them Listen

In spite of the pressure, you need to watch what you say to the little ones. You don’t just want to talk to them but also want them to listen to you. How to make them listen is a tough task, not only you every parent is facing the same issue.

Softer Voice

A small change in the way you speak can make a big difference. Parents turn up the volume because they believe that the louder they are the better their kids will listen. To encourage good listening, and a desire to follow directions, a soft-spoken approach is better. Like all of us do, children also appreciate being spoken to with respect. They like being trusted with the information you give them, they’ll return the favor by doing what you ask.

Addressing the Child

Always works when you address your child, especially while giving instructions. It gives an impression that you mean business even though your tone is soft. Never use words that describe the child’s personality, especially the negative side, and focus on the specific actions. You can always explain to them that they hurt the other person’s feelings instead of telling them being so mean.

Stay Short, Simple, Specific and Be Positive

Framing these words allow parents to express whatever they want. This technique allows parents to directly express heartfelt feelings. You don’t have to be nagging, just keep your instructions simple. Repetition is good but should be lessened as your child gets older.

Magic Words

Most important words are “please” and “thank you”. Saying them puts other people especially the kids at ease. Their absence can stir all kinds of negative feelings.

Give Likable Alternatives

Telling them that you know better can hurt the child just like comparisons do. Instead a sentence starting with “it would be nice” one will do wonders.

Make them Talk

Never ask them questions which they can answer with a simple yes or no. Ask them the ones which requires real answers. Connect with each of your children every single day even if just for a short time. Stating your availability is also helpful, even with teens. Don’t just talk, listen to them as well. Give them the impression that you understand them, so they can open up more.


Rewards can be utilized as encouraging feedback for good behavior. Rewards that are chosen by the kids are normally the most valuable. Additionally, an assortment of prize potential outcomes keeps a kid inspired over a longer period. Prizes can be benefits, things or activities. Make sure rewards don’t become a substitute for words of praise and encouragement. Rewards are most significant when given along with positive words.

How to Make Them Listen
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How to Make Them Listen
How to Make Them Listen In spite of the pressure you need to watch what you say to the Children Rewards are significant when given along with positive words
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