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Signs of intelligence in Toddlers – Increase your Child’s intelligence

Until recently, scientists argued that intelligence is a constant innate gift from parents. There are many other factors that affect the child’s intelligence levels. Studies have shown that it is possible to increase your child’s intelligence and creativity. The secret is to use the first ten years of a child’s life.

In this rare opportunity, the child’s brain can develop complex neural networks. Then you must take the correct steps to improve the “wiring” of the child’s brain.

Are you looking for signs of intelligence in Toddlers or to increase your Child’s intelligence?

Here are twelve proven signs that you can explore:

1. Get enough sleep

Research has shown that children need to sleep for at least eight hours for their bodies and minds to rest and develop. Children who are deprived of sleep are at risk of slow growth and cognitive maturation.

Sleep is vital to improving your child’s mental development. Make sure your children get enough sleep.

2. Have a healthy breakfast

The importance of a healthy diet can not be overstated. This is why students are often encouraged to eat well in the morning exams. The best breakfast types are high in carbohydrates and fiber-rich foods that take time to digest. An example of this superfood is oatmeal and fish.

But what you eat a week before the test also affects your performance. A research study showed that university students had good results when their thinking speed and attention levels were assessed. Then, their diet was changed to a high-fat diet, high in protein and low in carbohydrates, loaded with meat, eggs, cheese and mayonnaise. When these students were re-examined five days later, their performance was poorer. This shows that growing children should not be subject to ketone diet.

Caffeine and glucose can also help to increase levels of interest in the child’s brain. So, perhaps, good things are better when children are taught.

3. Learn more than one language

Research has shown that children can learn up to four languages ​​with fluency and perfect pronunciation. Bilingual children not only develop high literacy skills, show better focus under pressure, more attentive to important information.

If you want your kids to be very intelligent, consider enrolling them in language classes.

4. Practice makes perfect (learn by doing)

Learning requires active participation. Science has shown that television and DVD programs do not improve children’s intelligence levels. The best thing is to introduce activities that involve active participation. For example, after reading to your children, ask them to tell the story in their own words. Encouraging children to draw will help them learn to write.

The studies indicates that children are unlikely to forget when they learn to do. If your child has difficulties with arithmetic, reading, and understanding, encourage them to practice at least one or two hours a day.

5. Present amazing indoor learning toys / toys

Every father’s dream is to help his son to make the most of the playing time. The best way to do this is to invest in a variety of educational games that can help improve levels of intelligence and creativity. You want to educate the baby to discover new things in time.

Young children will learn a lot by stacking blocks on top of each other while trying to make objects. Helps building blocks to use their imagination and enhance knowledge coordination. It establishes the foundations of spatial skills building, problem solving skills, mathematics and science.

Chess and Scribble are excellent games that can help children improve their vocabulary as well as logical and critical thinking skills.

6. Teach them to read with you

In the past, parents read on children, especially at bedtime. But experts say it is better to read with them. We refer to the words as you read. Encourage your children to look beyond the images on the pages of the book. Draw your attention to the words you read.

Research studies have shown that reading together greatly improves the development of children’s reading experience and strategies. This method is particularly useful for children with learning disabilities.

7. Integrate sport and exercise into your daily routine

Contrary to public opinion, sports activities increase brain power. This applies to adults and children. In fact, studies show that exercise increases your ability to learn faster. They also discovered that a three-month routine exercise increased blood flow to a part of the brain that focused on learning and memory, by thirty percent.

Children can be encouraged to jump ropes, ride a bike, take gymnastics or even dance.

8. Children generally happy are more intelligent

Happiness is the one we are constantly trying to understand. We know that happy children have an advantage in our fast-paced world. Happier people are more likely to have more satisfactory relationships and success in the workplace.

The easiest and safest way to raise children happier is to be a happy parent. It is likely that children raised in a loving and happy home will grow up to be happy and successful adults.

9. Faith in your children

See what you say to your children. It absorbs your words, and increases levels of intelligence and creativity when children feel love and confidence. Children want to know that you have confidence in them.

A scientific study revealed that children performed better when their teachers thought they were very intelligent.

This tends to raise their morale and encourage them to push the border. So, if you want your kids to be smarter, start believing they are smarter.

10. Maintain a positive peer group

IQ is 50% hereditary, reveals a research study. The other 50% are affected by the environment. Children should therefore choose their peer groups very carefully.

When I was in school, I noticed that my grades decreased when I spent more time with less serious friends. When I became friends with students who sought academic excellence, my class increased significantly.

Studies show that students infect each other with good or bad study habits that can affect their grades. As parents, it is important to bear in mind that the following factors make a big difference: living in a safe and quiet neighborhood, attending solid schools and ensuring that your children are always in good company.

11. Learn to make music

When I first heard about Mozart for babies, I was skeptical. How can the brain of an unborn child capture and relax the sound of music? During pregnancies, it is ideal to listened to classical music or old school rhythm and blues. It is proven that the Children responded positively to the music their mother played before they were born.

Music lessons improve IQ for children. A research study revealed that children in musical groups performed slightly better than their peers in IQ ratings and index scores and in a standardized assessment of academic performance. Music is generally beneficial for both children and adults. It is proven that music training improves the learning skills of students in the classroom.

12. Grit is more important than high IQ

To be successful in professional, or family life, you need to have more than high IQ. What do you need then? Self-discipline and determination is what every child needs to be successful. Many studies have shown that power is the basic habit of success. Students who offered self-discipline may record higher than other students. Self-discipline had a greater impact on academic performance than talent.

Do you want your child to be smart and successful? Help them build grit. That is what they need.

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Signs of intelligence in Toddlers - Increase your Child's intelligence
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Signs of intelligence in Toddlers - Increase your Child's intelligence
Are you looking for signs of intelligence in Toddlers or to increase your Child’s intelligence? Here are twelve proven signs the you can explore !
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