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Top Ten List of Father Son Movies

Last updated on August 22nd, 2016 at 02:53 pm

Top Ten List of Father Son Movies

This blog talks about the 10 best movies about fatherhood, it focuses on the strained relationship between a father and son. This list is just our opinion, tried to keep it simple and no spoilers. So lets check out a son’s first super hero…

10. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

In the film Indy searches for his estranged father who has been kidnapped by Nazis. Ford and Connery have an incomparable screen presence as the professorial father and his adventurous son.

9. Catch Me If You Can

The most prominent father-son relationship in this films is that of Frank Sr and Jr. Frank Sr is a respected member of the community but eventually jailed for tax evasion. Frank Sr lays the seeds of his son’s playful charm while also layering in a pathetic, simmering resentment at a world. It’s a lovely, melancholy turn, the most complex and moving thing in the film. When Frank Sr dies while he’s on his way back from prison in France, is worth couple of tears.

8. The Godfather

Emergence of Michael Corleone from a marine corps to a ruthless powerful mafia boss. One of the greatest films of all time, inspired by the novel of the same name.

7. The Road

In a post-apocalyptic world, a father defends his son as they travel to the sea. The video games, the last of us, and the Resistance 3, are inspired by this movie.

6. Bicycle Thieves

A family man who is desperately looking for work finds a job putting up movie posters around town in a bicycle. However, soon someone steals the prized bicycle. The rest of the day sees father and son searching for the item until the father is forced to commit a shameful act in front of the son.

5. Kramer vs Kramer

The film tells the story of a divorce and its impact on everyone involved. When the wife leaves him, Ted has to take care of his son all by himself. Eventually when they began to cope up and love each other wife returns and demands her son back.

4. The Lion King

His uncle plots to kill both Simba and his father and proclaim himself king. But Simba survives and is led to believe that his father died because of him and he decides to flee. A classic tale of survival of the fittest, The Lion King is an all-time classic.

3. Finding Nemo

One more to the list, an estranged father – son story. Film is about an overly protective father fish and his son Nemo. When Nemo swims too close to the surface to prove himself, he is caught by a diver, and horrified Marlin must set out to find him.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

An emotional film based on the true story of a multi-millionaire’s struggle with homelessness while raising his son by himself and working hard to find full-time job. Jaden Smith steals the show here from Will.

1. Life is Beautiful

One of the best movies of all time, a father turns concentration camp into a game the son had to win. Its about the father’s struggle for the survival but keeping his son protected all the time in the camp, keeping the hopes alive.

Top Ten List of Father Son Movies
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Top Ten List of Father Son Movies
Top Ten List of Father Son Movies This blog talks about the 10 best movies about fatherhood, it focuses on the relationship between a father and son.
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