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What’s So Special About Mavis !

Last updated on December 10th, 2017 at 06:01 pm

What’s So Special About Mavis !


For those who doesn’t know about Mavis, she is a character from the cartoon animation movie “Hotel Transylvania”. She is the daughter of Count Dracula, not the D we know this guy is a family man, hotel owner, and of-course a protective father. He owns a five star facility for the monsters to hangout, and its safe from humans (thought it should be the other way around !). Basically the movie is about how Mavis finds her love in Johnny a normal guy and how they change the mentality of the monsters towards humans, and there is a second art as well telling the story about their hybrid son Dennis. Movie is well made and received as well, but that’s not my topic of discussion. Lets turn our attention towards Mavis


She is a teenage girl of the Count, and she is ‘just ‘118 years old. Not like other vampires she is quite charming and bubbly. She has got a manga/gothic/vampire appearance. She wears black eyelashes, black lipstick, bob-cut hairstyle main reason behind writing this blog !, black top and a skinny black/red stripped leggings and even a red shoes.
She is having a soft attitude towards humans comparing with her more fiery dad, Count D. She wants to get in touch with humans and believes they are not that dangerous or scary. She even falls in love with Johnny and get married to him. and the story goes on as the Count says blaablaa blaablaah blaablaah…

Though she is a vampire, she is not scary at all. With her charms she wins the heart of the audience, mainly the children. You can find hundreds of “how to” videos made on her looks on YouTube and articles are being written about the same (including this one, huh !).

Definitely she is quite charming, fun to be with and all those sort of things, I have a very bad experience because of her. Sorry guys, I am not really in love with Mavis or Hotel Transylvania Series, not anymore…
Momo and Hotel Transylvania

Momo is my four year old daughter, like all other children on the same age group she likes animated movies. I wanted to show her something more interesting than a Barbie or Peppa pig ones so I bought her the Hotel Transylvania DVD. One of the reason behind the same is the father-daughter relationship shown on the movie, and i thought it will be “cool” to have it.

Momo was very thrilled watching it for the first time, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Even Momo was calling me Dracula after the movie and herself Mavis which made my wife jealous (lol). Every evening she wanted to watch the movie with me, and all the while she was acting like Mavis and scolding and loving me for the acts of the Count. I played along with Momo because it was fun and it relieved me of the other problems going on with my life.

After couple of days the side effects began to happen, when we went for the shopping Momo was telling she needs Black dress only and we acknowledged thinking may be she liked that dress more. Then the next day she was complaining to my wife “why don’t you have a black lipstick? it so cool !”.
She always wanted to wear the Black top only when we are going outside, with a black legging. I have nothing against wearing a black dress, even I do like black, but for a four year old child to choose black as her dress is not normal.

Mavis Hairdo

Momo is having a long hair, she used to like it very much. Even her kindergarten teacher complained about she playing with her hair always. She began to tell us she don’t like her hair anymore, she wanted a short hair like Mavis. First I thought, its fine and just a matter of showing her some other movie and this “Mavis Thing” will go off her head. Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way, on the weekend evening when I reached home Momo was wearing a scarf around her hair and it looked like a bandanna. It was really late so we had the dinner and went to sleep. When I woke up what I saw made me furious, while asleep the bandanna got untied and her hair on top of forehead was cut short and in a very bad way. It was quite evident that its done by Momo herself. Both of them were still sleeping so I didn’t bothered to woke them up, got up from the bed and went for a smoke. I went back searched for all the scissors and found a hiding place to keep it and I hid them.

Both of them wake up after some time, and Momo was looking for the scarf. I asked her why she wants the scarf, then she told me you will not like my ” Mavis Hairstyle !” because you are Dracula. I try to play the “I am not talking to you” thing, but she started to cry when I was not talking. Then I asked her to promise that you will not cut your own hair with scissors, and we settled down. Even now after weeks, she still loves the black dress and black make up. On her tab, she takes her pictures and do make up with some application and its all gothic!

Back to Mavis

There is seriously something very special about Mavis, she is kind of an idol for my child, am sure some other parents will also have the same opinion. Think she will be the sole responsible movie character if the gothic look ever comes back in style any sooner. For the parents who is planning to take their child to cinemas this season, please hide the scissors to somewhere your child can’t reach. For those who had already done watching the movie, appreciate your comments on the same.

PS. by the way when are they planning for the third installment, can’t wait to see the Mavis back in action !

What's So Special About Mavis !
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What's So Special About Mavis !
What's So Special About Mavis ! its about our experience with the Hotel Transylvania series, and dedicated to Mavis my 4 year old daughter's idol.
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